When you book a service you expect it to begin and end on time. You also expect the service be delivered to the agreed standard, subject to our Fair Usage Policy. Whilst arriving on time may occasionally be beyond our control (traffic, weather, emergency, etc.) – the quality of the service we aim to provide is non-negotiable.

Therefore we promise you a 100% refund for providing that particular service if we fail to deliver. Plus where we have delivered the service, we’ll come back at the earliest mutually convenient opportunity and rectify that specific service to the required standard, completely free of charge. (The following example is for illustration purposes only – 1st Class fail to deliver the agreed standard for the bathroom in a small 3 bedroom house. The customer is refunded 100% of the cost of cleaning the bathroom. Additionally 1st Class will redo the bathroom as soon as is practicable, or issue a credit note to cover the cost of cleaning the bathroom on the next scheduled call.)

Exclusions to this promise are as follows

  1. Non-compliance with the “Fair Usage Policy” in terms of the “What’s Included in the Service” and the “How to Get the Most from your Cleaning Service Guide”.
  2. Non-compliance with the No Pets Policy, where the presence of any pet (mammal, insect, aquatic or reptile) is found to be in or on the premises, unless agreed by ourselves in advance or as part of our specialist pet clean. This also covers pets brought onto the premises by the client’s visitors and friends.
  3. Leaving children under 16 years of age and/or vulnerable adults to be supervised by the cleaning team.
  4. Non-compliance with our “Cancellation of Scheduled Appointment Policy”
  5. Non-compliance with the Equipment Agreement

Note. Where we have provided equipment for a fee, we will refund or replace this, if it is returned fit for the purpose for which it was originally intended – for full details see your Agreement.