We never forget it’s your house, your property, your hard earned money and therefore, your rules. It’s up to you to decide, if you want to buy cleaning by the hour or from our room cleaning menu, or a combination of both.

Option 1 – Cleaning by the hour

Our specialists clean to your priorities. They will tidy, wash-up, scrub, mop, wipe, etc., whatever cleaning you feel needs the most immediate attention.

Option 2 – Cleaning by the room

Simply go to our Room Cleaning Menu and select which rooms you want cleaning. For a detailed room by room view of what we cover in each room in each room.

Cleaning: What is Included


Whatever you choose you’re always in complete control.

  • £15 per cleaning hour
  • Minimum order £45
  • All equipment and material included
  • VAT included
  • 100% guarantee.