Help raise money for Alzheimer’s UK. Win-Win Very simple. Iron an adult long sleeve shirt/blouse in under 2 minutes – Press the Donate Button – Donate a minimum of £2  to Alzheimer’s UK – Regardless of your time, challenge at least two of your family/friends/work/club mates, etc., to do better. Who’s eligible It can be… Read More

If you want to spend less time ironing and more time enjoying yourself than follow these simple steps. Preparation Only use the washing machine when you know your going to be there when its finished. For best result the machine needs to be emptied as soon as the cycle finishes. Clothes that are left in… Read More

Every year we read or hear about terrible things, being done by people we’ve trusted with the most important things in our lives; our hard won possessions, our privacy, our homes and the ones we love most. One only has to go on Google to find any number of such cases. Take for instance the woman… Read More


Let’s be honest, if you loved cleaning as much as we do, you wouldn’t be reading this. There is nothing worse than having to spend what little free time you have cleaning, even when it’s for family or friends. A 2014 article by Richard Alleyne in the Huffington Post told how the stress of cleaning… Read More